Decoding the dazzle: the price of moissanite vs diamond

Most of us are feeling the pinch at the moment, so anything we can do to make our hard-earned pennies stretch a bit further is a win - right? That, coupled with concerns about the environment and the impact we have on it as individuals means that we are all working harder to make the right choices. Being thrifty and thinking about the planet is great in our day to day lives  - but what about when it comes to those big life events? 

The price of moissanite vs diamond

With UK weddings costing on average between £21,000-30,000 and US weddings at around $28,000, many are assessing what's most important to them. As couples dive into wedding planning and costs start piling up, they're faced with some real choices about what truly matters in their celebration. Suddenly, it's not just about keeping up with expectations; it's about figuring out what's worth the money and what's not.


Moissanite vs Diamond: greener and more economical

The truth is, the economic advantage of moissanite over traditional diamonds is a well-kept secret in the world of fine jewellery. With moissanite's remarkable brilliance, it's pretty hard to distinguish it from diamonds with the naked eye - which means you can revel in the sparkle without the hefty price tag!

Generally, moissanite is priced lower than diamonds of similar size and quality. The exact price difference can vary based on factors such as carat weight, cut, colour, and clarity.

So, could a moissanite ring be the answer?

Opting for moissanite rings aligns with a growing commitment to environmental responsibility. It's common knowledge that traditional diamond mining often involves significant environmental impact - including habitat disruption. Choosing moissanite minimises the ecological footprint associated with mining. Your ring choice could contribute to the conservation of natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint, turning your celebration into a statement of sustainability and mindful consumption.

So, in a world where conscious choices matter, for us this is an easy one!  Moissanite emerges as a brilliant option for those seeking both financial prudence and a more sustainable approach for their big day.

We love this post on The Thrifty Bride, where they share why they think our moissanite and lab diamond engagement rings are 'The Best Choice for Eco-friendly Weddings'!  Our jewellery offers a wonderful solution to being eco-conscious and saving money.

The truth is, investing in moissanite engagement and wedding rings means you can still get a high quality, stunning ring that won't break the bank or harm the planet! 

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