Moissanite vs Diamond: Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight

If you’re looking for the perfect moissanite engagement ring, you’ll soon find out there’s a wonderful world of different stone cuts to choose from.  Also, when it comes to the old 'moissanite vs diamond' debate you needn't worry as moissanites can be cut in all the same shapes as diamonds... 

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That said, while your final choice will come down to personal preference, did you know some shapes lend themselves better to moissanite stones?  Read on for our guide to the C's - Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight.

Moissanite vs diamond side by side...

Whether stones are lab-created or mined, they all start off in the same raw state. Gem-cutters carefully examine each stone and decide which cut will best enhance its natural beauty, before the cutting and polishing can begin.

The intensity of a stone’s sparkle is created by three main things: reflection, refraction and dispersion. Reflection is when the light entering the gem is reflected off the internal angles and directed back out. As the refracted light exits the gem it creates that all important sparkle! The more light a stone reflects, the more brilliant the radiance. Multi-faceted stones are cut at precise angles, with the stone flat on the top. The angles and shapes refract the light, creating the dazzling sparkle.

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In short, if you put a diamond next to a moissanite stone of the same cut, it would be tricky for the average person to tell the difference!

Moissanite vs diamond

That said, although moissanites may look similar to diamonds at first glance, they’re a totally different stone – diamonds are made from carbon, while moissanites are made of pure silicon carbide. Silicon carbide is a very rare, natural mineral, which makes natural moissanites much rarer than natural diamonds. Moissanites give off gorgeous, fiery, rainbow flashes in their sparkle and they’re even ranked higher on the refractive index than diamonds. As moissanites are a natural stone, the cut enhances its specific natural brilliance, so each one is truly unique – just like you!

If you put a diamond next to a moissanite side by side, it would be hard for the average person to tell the difference!

What is the best cut for a moissanite stone?

The two basic gemstone cuts are Step and Brilliant. Brilliant cut is the more complicated design, created to enhance maximum refraction, while a step cut is more simple and ideally suitable for a stone with excellent clarity, to show off the stone's natural beauty. Brilliant cut stones have around 58 angled facets, resulting in maximum brilliance. While a step cut has a series of parallel lines, forming ‘steps’ and are a more subtle shape, enhancing the clarity and colour of a gem.

What is the best carat size for moissanite?

Choosing the perfect stone size for your moissanite engagement ring is a truly personal decision tailored to your unique preferences. While individual tastes vary, the popularity of brilliant round-cut moissanite engagement rings often centres around 1.0ct and 1.5ct sizes - for their optimal balance of elegance and affordability. However, the beauty of moissanite extends beyond these conventional sizes. Exploring alternative carat sizes opens up a world of possibilities for customisation. Whether you lean towards a more modest 0.5ct for a delicate and understated look, or opt for a bold 2.0ct or beyond for a captivating and luxurious presence, the choice is yours. Each carat size brings its own unique charm, allowing you to express your style and personality through your choice of moissanite engagement ring.

What is the best clarity for a moissanite diamond?

Unlike traditional diamonds, which are graded on a clarity scale, moissanite is typically considered a gemstone with very high clarity. Moissanite is created in laboratories, and as a result, it is rare to find inclusions or imperfections in the stone. In the context of moissanite, clarity is generally not as much of a concern as it might be with natural diamonds. The clarity of moissanite is often rated as "eye-clean," meaning that any imperfections are not visible to the naked eye. Given the high clarity of moissanite, there is usually no need to prioritise specific clarity grades, as the gemstone is known for its overall clarity and brilliance.

When choosing a moissanite, factors such as cut, colour, and carat weight will be more significant considerations.

Here's a few of our favourite rings showing off the different stone cuts, to give you a clear idea of what each shape looks like when set in a ring. Our rings are available in all metals and a wide variety of carat sizes.



Cushion (or pillow)









These are some of the more popular styles of stone shapes and cuts that we supply – so select your cut to suit your stone and personal style.

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