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There's so much to think about when organising your wedding! And it can become a bit overwhelming when it comes to picking your wedding jewellery, on top of everything else. There's so much to choose from, so here's a few things to consider that should help you narrow-the-field!  

Once you’ve selected your dreamy wedding dress, the excitement isn’t over! The perfect accessories will complete the look and when it comes to wedding jewellery, selecting from our fabulous moissanite and lab-grown collection means you can have all the quality, style and glamour – with an affordable price tag.

Whether your shopping for an engagement ringwedding ring, necklace or earrings – pick pieces that will not only complement each other, but can also be cherished and worn for many years to come too. Invest wisely – think about all future occasions you could wear your bridal jewellery and let that help steer your choice. 

Round cut moissanite halo necklace, with rubover setting diamond chain

The whole look

It’s worth thinking about which metal colour suits your skin tone and if you like your metals to match. If so, let the all important bridal rings' dictate the colour. And if you want your jewellery to compliment your rings, it's a nice touch to have matching stone cuts for your earrings and necklace. Make sure everything works together, by trying it all on together before the big day. 

Consider the length of your necklace, as well as the size and complexity of the pendant. Whether you’re going for a traditional wedding dress, or something more contemporary, the neckline of your outfit should influence your choice. If you’re trying jewellery on, wear a similar neck shape and wear your hair in a similar style to how you’re having it on the big day to get a good impression of what works. 

As a general rule, a lower neckline on your dress looks fabulous with a slightly longer length chain and larger pendant, whereas with a higher neckline, a smaller more simple necklace may look better.

4.5ct emerald & round cut moissanite necklace with rubover setting


 And when it comes to earrings, do you go for subtle studs or dazzling drops? If you’re wearing your hair up, a striking drop earring can be fabulously eye-catching. 

If you’ve got a lot going on with your outfit and headwear, you may prefer more simple, contemporary jewellery. However, these are just ‘general’ rules and we advise everyone to simply go with their hearts, if you love it – get it! Remember how many photos these are going to be in, so make sure you consider your personal style and stay true to yourself. We believe that if you go with your heart – you can’t really go wrong!

Savvy shopping

We all know weddings are expensive – and with the current economic climate, it’s even more important to keep within budget – no-one wants to start married life with a crippling debt.

Our moissanite bridal jewellery is the perfect solution to this and a great way to get all the dazzle without the huge price tag. You’ll get a bigger rock for your money, so it’s easier to keep costs under control and still have the jewellery of your dreams. On average, moissanites are around 70% cheaper than a diamond – yes, 70%! – with no compromise on quality or style.

Round cut moissanite earrings with removable halo, in rose gold

Why moissanites?

It’s very hard to tell the difference between a moissanite and a traditional diamond, but there are subtle characteristics you may notice if you look at them side by side. The main one is, a diamond gives off white flashes as it reflects the light, while a moissanites gives a rainbow-like reflection (which we think's even prettier!) Moissanites are double-refractive so rank even higher than diamonds on the refractive index because more light bounces off the angles, making them more twinkly. So, if it's the sparkle you’re after, moissanites are definitely the stone for you and a moissanite engagement ring is a great bet if you want a large rock for less money. 

Unless you're a jeweller, knowing exactly what you’re buying for can be daunting, so it’s important to choose a retailer you trust. All our moissanite jewellery is covered with a 12 month warranty covering any defects with the setting and the stones come with a lifetime warranty, so you can buy from us with confidence. All of our stones are the highest quality in the top colour, cut and clarity bands. 

Cushion cut moissanite necklace with drop pendant 


It’s easy to get distracted by the sparkly gems in the jeweller’s window but spare a thought for where they actually come from. Traditional mining’s a dirty business which is not only unpleasant for the workers, but also harmful to the environment. In addition, there’s the danger of buying conflict or blood diamonds, which are mined in war-zones. The trouble is, you can’t tell a blood diamond and what is ethically sourced, just by looking at them. The only way to know 100% that your gem has been sourced ethically, is to select lab-grown. And if you buy from us, you’ll get extra eco points because all the gold we use is recycled. And for every purchase we donate 20 trees to the One Tree Planted charity, supporting global reforestation.

Art deco style, cushion cut, moissanite halo drop earrings

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