How are Lab Grown diamonds made?

A quick peek behind the sparkling curtain...


Curious about the origins of those sparkling lab-grown diamonds from Infinity Diamond Jewellery? Well, you're certainly not alone - as it's something that gets asked to our team quite often.

So today, we thought we'd spend some time laying out the process from start to finish - revealing how we transform raw elements into the stunning gems that are becoming so increasingly popular.


Crafting perfect diamonds in the lab

Our lab-grown diamonds begin as a tiny carbon seed. Using cutting-edge technology, these seeds undergo conditions of extreme heat and pressure, mimicking the natural diamond-creating process beneath the Earth's crust. What takes nature billions of years to accomplish, we achieve in our labs in just a few weeks, transforming carbon into precious gemstones.

And with this marvel of modern technology, we're able to product truly special pieces like these best-selling wedding bands below.


0.65ct Wedding Band, Delicate Half Eternity Ring (click)


0.5ct Wedding Band Set, Half Eternity Rings x3 (click)


The environmental edge (and advantages!)

Opting for a lab-grown diamond means embracing sustainability. These diamonds are created in controlled lab settings, significantly reducing the environmental degradation associated with the negative global impacts of traditional diamond and gold mining.

The lab-grown diamonds we offer bring the perfect blend of luxury and responsibility, appealing to those who prioritize environmental consciousness alongside aesthetic value - not to mention the fact that we're also proud supporters of initiatives like One Tree Planted!


Distinguishing features of lab-grown diamonds

Can you spot the difference between lab-grown and mined diamonds? Chances are, you can't. Both types of diamonds share the same chemical properties and achieve similar levels of brilliance and hardness.

This means our lab-grown diamonds maintain all the desirable qualities of traditional diamonds, without the hefty toll on the Earth. I mean, just take a look at these popular lab diamond engagement rings below - is it worth the trade off?

Absolutely, if you ask us!


Oval Cut Classic Diamond Engagement Ring (click)


Oval Vintage Floral Bezel Lab Diamond Engagement Ring (click)


You can explore the full range of lab diamond rings, as well as products made from their Moissanite cousins, right here on our online store!

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