Celebrating Women's History with Inspirational Jewellery Pieces

A look at the legacy of women through timeless adornments

As we pass through Women's History Month, a time to reflect on the truly great women who've paved the way for equality, innovation, and empowerment right across the UK and beyond. 

Across the ages, jewellery has played a significant role in women's history, serving as more than just adornments. From symbols of status and power to expressions of individuality and achievements, the pieces we choose to wear tell stories of resilience, beauty, and the unbreakable spirit of women.

In the UK, where history seeps from every cobblestone, the narrative of jewellery and its impact on women's history is particularly poignant. Jewellery has been wielded by women throughout history not just as a means of personal expression, but as a powerful tool for storytelling and resistance. Queens and commoners alike have used jewellery to convey messages, assert their autonomy, and symbolise their struggles and triumphs.

And certain types of jewellery - like lab-grown diamonds - signify a different way of doing things, just like many brave women in the past who fought for change.

A symbol of ambition

Enter moissanite, a gemstone that resonates deeply with the spirit of Women's History Month. But what is moissanite - and how does it compare to diamond?

Known for its brilliance and durability, moissanite embodies the qualities of strength and resilience that have defined women's journeys through history. But beyond its physical attributes, moissanite carries a message of sustainability and ethical responsibility, echoing the growing consciousness around the impact of our choices on the planet and on the lives of people in the jewellery trade.

So why does moissanite resonate so well with the topic of Women's History Month?

Well, for starters, its origins are as extraordinary as the stories of the women we celebrate. Discovered in a meteorite crater and often referred to as "space diamond," moissanite's celestial beginnings remind us of the limitless potential and boundless ambition that characterise the achievements of women throughout history - just like these stunning Moissanite necklaces!

1.50ct Cushion Cut Moissanite Necklace (click)


Round Cut Moissanite, Vintage Octagon Design (click)

Paving the way for a progressive future

Moreover, moissanite's rise as a popular choice for jewellery reflects a shift towards more ethical and sustainable practices in the industry—a movement that many pioneering women have championed. Choosing moissanite is a nod to the importance of preserving our planet for future generations, a cause to which countless women have dedicated their lives.

Because in the debate of moissanite vs diamond, the brilliance of moissanite also symbolises the light women have brought into the world through their contributions in all fields, from science and politics to the arts and education. Just as moissanite sparkles with the intensity of a thousand suns, the impact of women's achievements continues to shine brightly, inspiring new generations.

And speaking of this light that women bring into the world - we’ve a few special picks for groundbreaking women looking to make this more progressive choice over traditional gemstones when it comes to engagements & weddings…

Round Cut 3 Stone Moissanite Engagement Ring (click)


Round Cut 3 Stone Moissanite Engagement Ring (click)

Celebrate with pride - and look to the future with joy

In celebrating Women's History Month, we're reminded of the power of jewellery not just to adorn, but to commemorate, to inspire, and to tell the stories of remarkable women. Pieces crafted with moissanite serve as a modern tribute to the legacy of women's contributions, blending timeless beauty with a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

So, as we pay homage to the extraordinary women of the past and present, let's also look towards the future with jewellery that reflects our values and our hopes (especially with stones that avoid the negative impacts of traditional diamond & gold mining!). By choosing pieces that are not only beautiful but also kind and conscious, we honour the legacy of women who've fought for a better world, and we carry forward their spirit of resilience and empowerment. 

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